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About W3 Marine

W3 Marine is conveniently located across from Norfolk Naval Shipyard on the Elizabeth River between the downtown tunnel and the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge.  Locally owned and operated since 1987.  Specializing in marine construction, stevedoring, pile driving, clamshell bucket dredging, floating crane, deck barge and marine towing operations.  W3 Marine is also pleased to offer mooring and layberth services.


W3 Marine provides exemplary service at honest pricing.  Our vessels and equipment are routinely serviced and upgraded to alleviate job interruption and ensure quality work is performed in the least possible amount of time. 

Virginia Class A Contractor – Lic # 2705034580

SWaM – Small Business Cert # 674852

VDOT – VA Dept of Transportation Prequalified # H551



Our experienced crew and fleet are ready to mobilize on limited notice for emergency operations including marine debris removal, cargo lifts, towing and barge offload.

DoD - Dept of Defense Cage 0F9X4

DUNS – Dun & Bradstreet 18-489-8773

Member Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

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